my week (plus I make game reviews now)

As you read in the title, I make game reviews now! is the link. Don’t scroll past the reviews because there are some crappy stuff that little Dougster wrote. Trust me, the reviews there are much better quality then these blogs because I am passionate about them. Now onto the “very interesting” post about my week.

This week I did board game time, I brought in a game called Inis. It is a very fun game that you should expect a review of on my blog. Pathfinders season 2 also started up. I have some big plans for the storyline and I feel like this season will be a lot better then the last one because I prepared. But I am also trying to give players the choice to just go in a completely different direction. We did a trip to The Uncommons this week. I had a ton of fun there, we played this game called Captain Sonar (also expect a review of this one on my blog) it’s really fun!

Thanks for your time, bye Douglas:)

My plans for the year

I plan to make a blog for video game and board game reviews outside of the ALC website. I will post a link on this blog to tell you where to go in the coming weeks. It will probably be better than this blog because I will be more passionate about it. I also plan to make a game. Now I know what your thinking, “there is no way that game is actually being made.” Well I have turned a new leaf I promise! Anyway, if you are interested in the progress of my game I will make updates on this blog later.

Thanks for your time, bye. Douglas:)

my week again

this week we played a Japanese board game in Japanese class. We started doing the system called Blades In The Dark. It was a lot of fun. I plan to do a review a little bit later down the line. I played a really fun game called pioneer days with Ryan and Timo. I also went to the potluck.

Thanks for your time. Bye, Douglas:)

A blog about my week

This week we made soba and somen noodles in Japanese class. Chuck, Even, and I went to the museum of the moving image. It was a lot of fun. On Tuesday I did history. Wednesday was RPG time and we are playing a new system called blades in the dark.


Thank you for your time, bye, Douglas:)

Solo: a review

Look look. I know I promised a full review of The Last Jedi. But you have no proof I didn’t do a review. So you can’t sue me. But I will give you a short version. My number one problem was that the tone was different but the plot was the same as Empire Strikes Back. There, happy?

Ok, now the Solo review. What do I think? Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum I liked it a lot! I will make this first part spoiler free and then you can scroll down for my spoiler impressions. I was originally skeptical about the actor choice for Han solo, but his line delivery was pretty good. He still doesn’t look like Harrison Ford though. Beckett played a good mentor role but he didn’t teach him too much which I though was a nice touch. Qi-ra was the love interest of Han I thought she was a pretty good character but she lacked a lot of the witty lines of the others. I thought Lando was a great character, he was funny, likeable, and still open to betrayal. But I think he did not get enough screen time. L3 was the droid companion for this adventure, and they are a big fan of droid rights. I will talk more about that in the spoiler review, but it definitely changed the way I related to droids in Star Wars. The main gangster leader was a good villain/helper, but I never felt that threatened by him (though that’s not necessarily a bad thing). There were a lot more remote planets being explored rather then densely populated ones. The empire didn’t play a huge role in the movie, but Han being part of the empire was an interesting thing to see. Alright, I don’t think I can talk about the movie much more without spoiling it. Scroll down if you would like to see my spoiler thoughts. If not, then I will tell you that my rating for it is about a 7. It had some cheesy dialogue and some jokes that didn’t land and a slow third act, but the overall characters and action set pieces were pretty good.












Spoilery part starts now. I think that L3’s rebellion causing nature was something we really haven’t seen I a droid before. But let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Darth Maul. When I saw his appearance I was halted shocked and half going like “really?”. I personally thought the mysterious big bad would have been Snoke. Since we already know that Maul dies in rebels it doesn’t really feel lee a threat. Qi-ra is really the only threat left related to the Crimson Dawn. I thought the speeder bike gang was kinda tacked on. They only had a few appearances as a minor antagonist. And when they turned out to be the goody guys it didn’t really feel that big since they weren’t built up to be some big baddies beforehand. I thought throwing in the Kessel run was a double edged sword. I think it was kinda nice to be a mystery but it did allow some cool space scenes. I feel like that could be a good metaphor for the whole movie, it could have been good leaving Solo’s story a mystery but it allowed for some cool stories.

That’s it for me. Bye, Douglas.


God Of War

This week I got a PS4 and God Of War. I am still playing it but this will be somewhat of a first impression. There will be spoilers, but not for the whole game.

One thing off the bat that was a big draw for me. Was that the game was all shot in one camera. This is really interesting because it made it tricky to tell what was cutscene and what was not. It really helped the immersion. The combat was a very good blend of simple elements and more complex ones. You didn’t have to use the complex ones to succeed,  but it certainly helps. You have light and heavy attacks. It utilises the HD rumble well to help make combat satisfying. Overall it is a lot of fun. Expect a full review later.


Thanks for your time, bye. Douglas:)

Week Bloggers issue 420: the sickness strikes back!

This week I was sick for a bit after school one day. I couldn’t think of a better title so I based it on that event. Anywaaaaaaaaaays… on with the blog. This week we did a Japanese game in Japanese class. There was a beach trip which stole some Pathfinder members from me. So Javair ended up running an alternate universe Victorian detective MM campaign. I was a man named Herlock Sholmes (trademark Douglas Patz). I did history and it was fun. Eurovision happened and I watched it with Seb. Moldova for the win!

And that was pretty much my week. Bye, Douglas:)

Tune in next time for the adventures of our heroes dealing with the after affects of the evil genius disease. The fiendish Slight Cough tm.












You found an easter egg.

A sanitary emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a code red! A code red! Someone didn’t wash their hands! And a dog pissed on the carpet! Wee waaa weeee waaaaa! It is not safe to go in school before any further notice!

Ok, I may have exaggerated just a bit. People were making a huge deal out of small sanitary things. It did give me some amusement though. I was sick on Wednesday, and Thursday. I tried to make some money on those days. I had some adventures with the site Fiverr. Involving a fake psychic gig (don’t worry, I took it down), and a gig  involving some karaoke. I didn’t get any clients:(. Then I did some photoshop work for my mom. Then I invested that money in making a lemonade stand. I made a profit but not as much as I usually do. Probably because it rained. I did Japanese today. We learned EXTREME jan ken po (rock paper scissors). There were a lot of fun variations that we tried. I think I am getting a lot better at Japanese then when I started.

That’s it for me this week. Thanks for your time. Bye, Douglas:)


a blog about my week (a very original concept)

This week we watched Jiro dreams of sushi. It was really good. I have already seen it but it’s a classic. we did it because Yasushi was sick:(. We tested my new custom RPG system at RPG time on Wednesday. It went very well. I am really excited for easter because my dad does a puzzle hunt for me every year.


Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)