Another other other week

So, hi. I am uninspired today so I will tell you about my week.

Japanese was fun this week we played a game about calligraphy. We went to check out the conservatory gardens yesterday, it was very fun. We met Eric Bear in the park today it was great to see him again. History was interesting this week we talked about Ronald Reagan. We also played some Geogeusser.

Thanks you for your time, bye,  Douglas:)

Shadow Of War review

Hello, today I am reviewing the game Shadow Of War. If you are a long time follower of this blog you might remember that I reviewed then game Shadow Of Mordor. I really enjoyed Shadow Of Mordor, but it did have one major problem. The game was too

Trading stuff

A while back I did a review on the game Shadow of Mordor. The sequel is released in 4 days! To prepare for launch I started a trading game. I based it on the guy who traded a paperclip for a house. My end goal is to get Shadow of War (the sequel to Shadow of Mordor). There one rule is that I cannot accept money as a trade. I just thought that allowing someone to give me money for a trade would be cheating.

It all started on a trip to the Bronx Botanical Gardens. Ash found a random possibly used lipstick on the ground, I asked if I could have it. Ash gave me the lipstick and I was ready to trade. @timotree had hoarded some moisture towels and traded one for the lipstick. He then attempted to trade away the lipstick, he ended up giving it away. I then traded the moisture towel for a futuristic pen™. I gave the futuristic pen™ away for a half a piece of gum. I traded the gum for a metro card with $1 ad 75 cents on it.  Then I had a problem because nobody on the trip wanted it. So when I got home I traded it with my mom for two clips shaped like owls. Then I got lucky, because the school needed more clips for toilet paper. So I got a viral game called “The Resistance Avalon”. And that brings you up to now. So, anyone wanna trade?

Bedwars review

I have been playing the minecraft mini-game called Bedwars a lot recently. The goal of the game is to kill all the other teams. But if they die they can respawn if their bed is not destroyed. But what makes the game fun is it’s economy. You are on sky island each with two villages and a forge. The forge generates iron and gold. They can be used to buy items from one of the villagers. you can use these to defend your bed. You can build to other sky islands in the middle to get diamonds and emeralds. Emeralds buys the best stuff, and diamonds buys team upgrades. These upgrades include getting enchantments and making you forge faster and generate emeralds.

I think this game has a great strategy potential with the resource management. And bridging in the right way is also strategically interesting. The game overtime makes diamonds and emeralds generate faster. Eventually all beds are auto-destroyed. At the end ender-dragons come and attack everyone. I think it is too easy for people to hide until bed destruction. Camping works way too well. But other then that the game is really fun. And if you have Minecraft you can play it for free on

Thanks for your time,  bye, Douglas:)


free write blogging, title

Today i a free write blogging. it’s a bit like tea and free write but without tea and a blogging time. Freewrite is where you type and you don’t stop typing so if puctuation is not great I cannot edit it or anything I am just writing and not stopping i prefer this to regular blogging. I reallyy hate regular blogging. I don’t know why I just can’t find anything interesting about my week. i am struggling to find things to talk bout. woah I just talked about struggling to find things to talk about sooooo meta does that mean I wasn’t struggling I am just rambling now. I guess that’s the point of free write. Man I hade only written 116 words. now there is more it is growing every time I talk about the word count growing and growing and growing and growing. This whole blog is meta. I have an idea wouldn’t it be cool if I finish this sentence in the ______. see i you can figure it out. I thought that was so clever. Looking back at it it’s not so clever. free write is fun. My friend oscar came today I hung out with him the whole day. It was really fun. I have had a pretty relaxing week. Last week I was sick. It was terrible I was sick for the whole week and it sucked. I got to become an MC pop master. I wonder how much more time there is. Not so much I assume. I can see the time on my computer but I forgot when it started. For those of you wondering I have ten minutes to write this. How did i do. I expect a review in the comments. Suvrscribe like or whatever. I am running out of things to talk about. Now i guess I should go back to the obligatory meta conversation. I really want to say this whole thing is meta and then format it so that it is the giant word meta.


Another rushed uninspired blog post

This week I went to a sleepover and did Japanese. I went to the seaport museum and saw the boat Chuck worked on. I have started an RPG group at school, we had our second meeting this week, we have almost finished character creation. I went to the Momath book club this week, that was fun. This was a great week.


Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)

Another uninspired weekly update

This week I had a sleepover at Abby’s house. I also had a sleepover at Timo’s. We watched some anime at Japanese class.I went to .dash this week, it was a lot of fun, I learnt a lot. Overall this was a pretty fun week.


Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)

Another week update

This week is the ALChours concert. On monday and tuesday I was working on a LEGO film project. It was for a contest the winners get their film in the LEGO Ninjago Movie. I am a little sad I missed the trip to Dumbo Boulders though. for the final three days I had a pretty lazy week. Though I did go to photo wizardry, which was a lot of fun.

Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)

another week

This week I went to writing skills for the first time, it was a lot of fun. I am glad they moved it to a time I can do it. I have been working on a LEGO stop-motion contest, I have created my storyboard for it. This week was also a visiting week, there were a lot of really nice kids this week.

Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)