Halloween week

This week I:Played a board game I invented called squirmy worms based on worm racing were you can control the terrain but not the worms.Me and @ryanshollenberger spent a long time making cards and a board for the game but it was worth it.I also did acrobatics we did some amazing tricks which I can’t describe well.Also i watched Doctor Who episode which I already watched but were nice to see again.This week my mom made a Sauron’s tower costume and on friday we brought it in.I played a lot of Trosh and some other games too.


Well thats all for this week bye:)

A epic week

This week I:played a game called Trosh heres a link to the download: http://stabyourself.net/trosh/ its also a movie the site has a bunch of other cool games if you have some time on your hands you should check them all out.I also did acrobatics we built a human pyramid and did a lot more fun stuff.Two kids visited the school @adengamer and @kingthanos they were both great and coming to the school I am very glad.Friday I played a asian game called Go the goal is to surround the most territory without getting captured.On tuesday I did the philosophy of vampires with @ryanshollenberger @jacobcb @pinkpanda.This is Douglas sining off:)

what I did this week

This week I played chapter two of a video game called the silent age which has a interesting time travel mechanic letting you swap between a post apocalyptic world and the present.and all of the silent age characters have red eyes.I showed @drew a game me and @timotree and a former student of Cloudhouse named Will.Its a 4 v 4 or 3 v 3 local multiplayer.Heres a link to our website:http://disgruntledbadger.com .I also did agile soccer taught by @ryanshollenberger we played a game  called world cup which is played with one goal and all the team have to try and score in it.


afternoon blogging


This week I did philosophy about zombies BRAINS!And watched Ryan attempt to kill the ender dragon.also I went to the natural history museum.Also I created a song called prison schools its somewhere on this website.Also I looked online a lot for information on the third hobbit movie.