another week

Hi everyone this is what i did this week: I met two visiting kids Javier and elijah they were both rely cool.I went to the body worlds exhibit which is bodes which the skin torn of so you can seen whats under the skin.My favorite body was probably the fetus but the man on a horse was also cool.I played go and learnt  japanese this week.I built a lock with Geva aka my dad and Javier it is a NES controller.

Well thanks for your time and bye.


another week.

This week I:watched a Lord Of The Rings marathon but the thing we were watching it on died on us when we were about ten minutes into the Two Towers.I also played a real estate game called golden wake heres a link to watch the trailer: its really fun.I also learnt japanese and played go.I also did Spongebob philosophy about the episode Sand Castles In The sand,The ripped pants and the whistle one which I forgot the name of.

Well that it for today bye.

another week

Hi everyone this week I:had a friend come over on tuesday and we had a epic sword/block gun war with chairs barricades and more we fought all day and I was like pew pew pew and he was like pew pew pew and I was like ching stab ching and he was like ching ouch ching and @kingthanos was like ching ching stab and I was like block block epic move and then @kingthanos was like bam bam pick up another sword and my friend (phillip) was like ching zap zap and @kingthanos was like spam with two swords spam with two swords drop one sword and I was like doge ching  run and @kingthanos and my friend were like chase chase trip and then my friend was like recover from trip try to secretly stab @kingthanos run back for gun and @kingthanos was like block chase Douglas and prepare to fight Douglas and I was like ching ching stab and @kingthanos was like …  well there was much more to that week but that was a pretty long explanation so bye see you next time.