My super awesome plan to rule the world

Here is my super awesome plan to rule the world In 7 easy steps:

(1:Vow that in the future when I build a time machine I will come back and bring the technology for a teleporter (if time machines were invented than teleporters would be too).

(2:hide the instructions to find it somewhere where only I would look and put clues only I would know(I would also hide a time machine not for public use).

(3:Also I would bring back a cloning machine and clone the teleporter and sell them giving me funding for my plan.

(4:So now that you have the money what are you going to do with it you ask?Ah I almost forgot well with the funding I shall build a spaceship the SS Douglas and launch it extremely high so that only subconsciously they will see it.

(5:What will that do I can here you saying?Your being very inpatient I was just getting to that.Oh right when it launches it will launch a satellite and paint a picture of my face on it so the people will slowly familiarize with my face.

(6:On holidays with fireworks my ship will hide behind them so humans will subconsciously think they are celebrating me and when I finally make an appearance they will start to celebrate even though they don’t know why.

(7:Eventually they will think I’m a hero and do whatever I say and crown me world dictator.

Plan done yay I will give you some time to celebrate                        ok I hate to say it but don’t you see one minor flaw in my plan i’ll give you some time to figure it out                                                                  do you have an answer is that a no I here sigh why do I have to do everything the answer is how would I get the time machine.I’ll explain that I know you want to get two the q and a before we run out of time but I’ll make it short alright here goes:In ok first let me tell you a little bit about the future in the year 2039 there is a nuclear war declared between the two countries Botswana and Tyland in the year 2041 they had both been damage and close to bankruptcy they needed to end the war soon but they only could send wooden ship which were broken from the many trips to the other country they needed help so they called other countries to join but they were reluctant to. So they invaded them then countries from all around the world came to stop the from invading innocent countries then arguments broke out about which country was in the wrong so that stared the most cruel war ever works war 3.I was living in America at the time and took advantage of the low amount of money and found that people where distracted doing other things instead of stoping me from stealing a car.All cars where Deloreans then because of the lack of money so I took one.Then in the year 2043 I had found a breach in the security system of the plutonium company and stole some.The next step was build the main part of the machine which allowed it to time travel I called it the Flux Compacator then there was one more step.I looked everywhere for a box to stick on top of the car so I had to take a police call box.And then I connected them together and sent them back all I could do is hope I became leader of the world otherwise I would starve in this time.

Ok time for q and a I have time for 3 questions yes you in the back

Q:I was wondering why Tyland and Botswana where fighting

A:Well the president of Botswana’s daughters friends brothers son’s friend got mocked on the internet by a Tyland citizen.

Yes guy in the red shirt

Q:Why did the chicken cross the road


Girl in the front row

Q:What will you do when you become world dictator

A:Thats a story for next time.

Bye thanks for your time.

five things which uses fossil fuel

Hi todays post will be a title different because I am at ALC Everett and will be listing five things that I used today that use fossil fuel:1) I ate Kentucky fried chicken which was delivered by a truck.2) I had my clothes delivered from the airport by a truck.3)I used my computer to blog because it was made in a factory.4)the food which I ate today was brought by a car from the store.5)I played on my moms iPad which was made in a factory.

Thanks for your time bye;)