challenge question

Hi im Douglas

Today me and @abram are doing a challenge question were we must say are favorite thing about learning japanese and five things were grateful for. My favorite thing about learning japanese is learning about how they put together sentences. They use many words for extra politeness. And now what I’m grateful for:

(1 All the agile schools

(2 everyone in them

(3 This challenge question

(4 mathematics

(5 The 5 minutes of your day you chose to use to read this.

Also check out @abrams blog it answers the same questions.

Thanks for your time bye:)


Westarado is a online game set in the times of cowboys you play a cowboy on a quest to find the murderer of your family (who is randomly generated each time). You can pull your gun on anyone but be careful because the most innocent people could take there gun out on you if have three hats which can be shot of you at any time if you lose them all then you die.You can make new hats if you pay a hatter.People will sometimes give you quests and in exchange for completing the quests you get money and a clue some quests involve you riding on you’re hours and doing various deeds.

Thanks for your time bye:)