challenge question

Hi for the list I will do 3 things I finished this week and for the question I will say what my favorite video game of all time is.

(1 I learnt how to make crapes

(2 I learnt how to climb up a person and then do a backflip off

(3 I learnt how to make mathematical necklaces

And now I will say what my favorite video game is it is Lego Universe. Unfortunately it is discontinued.

thanks for your time bye:)

Challenge question numero 3

Today I will continue with challenge questions I will be answering five colors that represented me this week and whats the best Coup character.

1)Blue for sadness of missing my parents

2)Red for my favorite color

3)Brown for the werewolves fur

4)Pink for the color a deer fetus

5)purple for my current shirt

And now I will answer whats the best Coup character I think its the duke because he can make you lots of money.

Thanks for your time bye:)

challenge question #2

In this challenge  question I will list five things new I tried this week and what I’m most exited about next week in Chatam.

(1 I cooked pigs in a blanket

(2 I learnt Compliment Me-Me

(3 I Played with USSR geiger counter

(4 I met Oliver and James

(5 I played lego Indiana Jones

And I’m most exited about playing lots of werewolves up in Chatam.