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WARNING contains spoilers for my previous blog puzzles try and figure them out first.

For the list I will tell you 3 bets you will (almost) always win.

1)Rip a paper into three sections connected by small pieces of the paper have two in one direction and one in the other challenge your friends to rip the paper into three sections by pulling the two pieces they will always end up with the other one stuck to one of them.

2):Tell your friends for this bet there are many stages say put some money on the table and it will be doubled if you succeed now say the first part involves balance fill two glasses with liquid (preferably something sticky) then say put your hands on the table and tell them to balance the cups on their hands take the money and run.

3):Fill two glasses of water and take two balls give a glass and a ball to them and one of each for you then say copy whatever I do to win first move the balls a few times then take a drink secretly keep some in your mouth then move the ball a few times and spit the water back into the cup and you won the bet.


Now for the awnsers for question one you have to ask a guard:if I asked the other guard which path should I take now whichever one he says you must choose the other one.How it works the truth teller will tell you what the liar says truthfully which is the wrong one and the liar will lie about the truth teller.

Question two:B is a liar and C is a truth teller.How it works nobody will say they are a liar so B lies therefor c tells the truth.

Question three:There are four suites Clubs Hearts Diamonds and Spades theres an ordering called chased because the first letter of each is in the word CHaSeD so Clubs is one Hearts is two and so on. Now when they say a number it corresponds to a letter so 1 is a 2 b and 3 c etc… whichever first letter of the suit it is closest to is the suit it is.Using the chase ordering you can number the 1 2 3 and 4.I made that one.


Thanks for your time bye:)

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