Write club

If you are curious about what I have been writing recently then be curious no more. Here is what I have written: (its about a murder mystery at a Yotel. Also this is a short story and wrote it in a week so don’t make your expectations too high)

There was a scream and a gun shot. The police arrived the next day and
consoulted the detective. His name was… Yobot. Bob the policeman asked “Oh
Yobot what have you assed in the situation” he replied “Bzz – bzz”    
“um maybe a clue would hElp’”Bob put the clue (which was the killers gun”
the robot analised the clue and said “please select the room you would like
your Yoluggage delivered.”    “Yoluggage Yoluggage ,said bob wait the gun
plus yo means the gun must be a Yogun. And to get a yogun you would have to
be inside so therefore the killer must be a Yoployee” Bob went to
Yocafeteria to see all the Yoployee he interrogated all of them none
helpful except one who blame one of his Yoworkers. He went to the Yobot and
asked him to do a Yobackround check on the blamed Yoployee he said “Bzz
–bzz.” Bob said “Z looks like s and the third letter always disappears
because it helps the story and B.S stands for bull **** so the person who
said that must be lying” suddenly some 80s music started to play on the
Yospeakers. “So therefore the blamer must be the killer.” Bob went to the
Yocafeteria and said to the Yoployee (Who’s name was Zefron) “you are
guilty!” And as those words where spoke the music got climactic.

So did you enjoy it. If so be sure to comment. And if not be sure to tell me how to improve.

Thanks for your time bye, Douglas:)


challenge question bear addition



Here are some questions @bear gave to me to answer:


What was AERO like?


Tell me about the Dark Pumpkin Order. What will make it special as a spawn point?

Ok AERO was rather uneventful. But the trip was nice. We played a lot of Minecraft at AERO. But the people back at ALC where playing on the ALC server. So maybe going was a little bit pointless, but the atmosphere was nice.


Anyway question number 2. The Dark Pumpkin Order is my spawn point I have started. I think its special because it shows how much an ALC lets the kids drive. Also I think I will benefit from the emailing parents and other admin stuff skills for later in life.


Thanks for your time and thank you @bear for the questions. Bye, Douglas:)



challenge question again

Hi I’m doing another challenge question.

For this challe… lets just call it CQ. For this CQ we will be saying what we will say and/or ask the DCers when they’re back.

So I would ask them if they got to go inside a spaceship. And how it felt to wear the astronaut glove. They did not miss much except the Galactic Nemeses demo which is a video game I made. Our website is: http://disgruntledbadger.com . So I know that was pretty short but I really don’t have much else to say but maybe @ryanshollenberger will have more to say because he’s doing the challenge question too.