my game

I  have been recently doing a game design course and made a game. Here it is:

In Ghost Duel, you are a ghost who takes turns possessing one of two cowboys – Andy and Bill – in a gun battle. You choose the actions of the gunfighter you are possessing, but since humans are unpredictable, you use the dice to determine the actions of the other character.

You alternate playing each of the two gunfighters. Your goal is to fire the winning shot while possessing the body of the winning gunfighter. You lose if the non-possessed character (the one your are rolling the dice for) successfully shoots the character you are possessing.

Order of play

Start round one possessing Andy. Then choose an action to use. Then roll to see what Bill does. Now move on to round 2, where you possess Bill and throw dice for Andy. Repeat, switching characters each round. You always play a move for the character you possess first, then roll for the other character.


At the beginning of each round you must choose to make your possessed character do one of these things: pick up a shield, put down the shield, load your gun, unload your gun, aim, FIRE, take cover or do nothing. You cannot choose the ‘do nothing’ option if the character did nothing in the previous turn. Then roll to see what the other character does:

1: Pick up shield if not holding it, puts it down if holding

2: Loads gun if it is unloaded, unloads if loaded

3: Aim

4: FIRE (See ‘firing the gun’ below to determine the result of the shot)

5: Take cover

6: Do nothing. A character can’t do nothing two turns in a row.

You must perform the action indicated by your dice roll, except in these two cases: if you roll a ‘4’ but it is impossible to fire because the gun is not loaded or either character is holding a shield, roll again. If you roll a ‘6’ and the character did nothing on the previous turn, roll again because characters cannot do nothing twice in a row.

Effects of actions

Shield: Holding shield makes a character invincible (the other character cannot shoot at them) but the character cannot aim or FIRE their gun.

Aim: every time you aim it gets more likely that you succeed. Every time a character aims, add one aiming point to a maximum of four.

Take cover: Every time you take cover you become less likely to get hit. Every time a fighter takes cover, add one ‘cover’ point (maximum 5)

Characters cannot aim and take cover at the same time. If a character aims their gun, immediately reduce their ‘take cover’ points to zero, and if they take cover then reduce their aiming points to zero.

Firing the gun

When either character fires their gun, roll the dice. You can only fire if the gun is loaded and if neither character is holding a shield.

If you roll a 6 then the shot is always successful. A 1 always fails. Otherwise, add one to your roll for each aiming point the firing player has, and subtract one for each ‘cover’ point the player being fired at has. If the result is 5 or more, the shot is successful, otherwise it misses.

After firing, the gun needs to be reloaded before firing again.


Game Tracker

Use a pencil and the grid below to track the status of the two characters while you play:

  Andy Bill
Holding shield
Gun loaded
Aiming points ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐
Cover points ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐




what I would do if I was Javair

Ok so just to clarify I am dead and possessed javair permanently. I have all his skills and my personality. First I would go on roller coasters I was too short to ride on. Javair claims to be secretly a ninja so I suppose I would use my ninja moves to save the world. And Javair says classical music makes him work faster so I would play classical music in the background.



Bye, Douglas