More games!

I made a game a while ago (if you have not seen it then you are not a faithful reader and should play it right now). My first game was a one player game and now I have made another one player game and a two player game. Please enjoy:)


Here is the one player game:

Note: Calarts was the group which made the course I did to make these games. And Fran Krause was the person who made the course.
Game two, this one is two player:
Note: There is another version of this game where instead of choosing which square to take when you cut multiple you get them all.
I hope you enjoyed please give feedback.
Bye,Dou… wait quick announcement Galactic Nemeses a video game I made with @timotree and Will a former student at the Chatam school. Anyway Galactic Nemeses exhibited at the Maker Faire.
Anyway before I was so rudely interrupted I was saying bye,Douglas:)