Risk Legacy

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I got a question to answer. The question is how do you risk (your) legacy. For those of you noobs who don’t know what Risk Legacy is it’s like Risk except one game effects the next game, you can unlock new components in the game when certain things happen in the game and you can rip up cards (yes you heard me correctly rip up cards). I know ripping up cards sounds really satisfying. Well when you try it it’s even more satisfying. And if you don’t know what risk normal is look it up it’s really famous.

Let me tell you my personal experience. So for now I have only played one game and it was great. Want to see how my dad entered the war room (also known as by civilians as the office). Here’s the link to the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWCpo5UhMMs . After that we got to customize our faction by choosing one of two stickers to stick on our faction card the card with the other sticker we got to rip up. Speaking of faction there was five factions: Die Mekaniker, The Saharan republic, Imperial Belkania, Khan Industries and The Enclave Of the bear. I was Die Mekaniker and I won:) I’m very excited for our next game I give risk legacy a 10 out of 10.