My thoughts on blogging

First of all I would like to thank @ryanshollenberger for giving me this idea.

In general I like writing and blogging, but I think that the way I am using the current ALCNYC blogging system might not be the best way. In this post I will explain how I use it now, and then I will tell you how I want to use it next year (since at the time of this blog it is one week until the end of school).

Currently I blog usually about my week on Friday at blogging time. I also occasionally do creative blogging at blogging time. The reason why I don’t do creative blogging much is because ideas don’t just pop in my head at Friday from 2:00 to 3:00. In general I don’t like blogging about my week unless it is particularly interesting. One of the reasons why, is that it gets boring blogging about the same thing over and over and over again.

Now I will tell you what I think I should try next year. First of all I wan’t to not blog about my week much at all. I want to think about a idea for a creative blog in the back of my mind all week. Then after I get an idea I will write a bit of it and then stop and continue on a different day. If I end up not coming up with an idea by Friday I will blog about my week. But instead of writing about my whole week I will focus on one interesting thing in my week, that way I will only be blogging about exciting and interesting parts about my week.

Well those are my ideas for next year about blogging. I hope you enjoyed, thank you for your time . Bye, Douglas:)

How to get all the best LEGO news

You might know that I am a huge LEGO fan. Let me just tell you something, the plural of LEGO is NOT LEGOS, it is still LEGO. So now that we got that out of the way let begin.

So, The Brick Fan (  has usually the newest news, but not the newest images. for the newest images you probably want Just2good the Youtuber or the website Eurobricks ( The UI on Eurobricks is terrible, but the content is good. Finally brickset and, Brickset is very reliable but the images usually aren’t up to date, shows all the sets that are out. If you still can’t find your news then try chat boards and forums. If you go on a chat board you will probably wonder why so many people are talking about the UCS (ultimate  assault on Hoth. Well lots of people hate it “because they think that it is not a proper UCS”, but I totally disagree, first of all there is no definition of UCS so if LEGO says it is UCS then it is UCS. Second of all so what if it is not UCS it is still a great set. Another reason people hate it is because it is not one big model but instead many little models combined, I think that is cool not bad. And third of all most people complaining about it have the set! It has some really cool play features while maintaining a slick design.

Well I hope that was interesting to the LEGO fans and non LEGO fans. Anyway I’ll see you nest time, bye, Douglas:)