my experience on the subway

A couple days ago I had a funny experience on the subway, so here it is:

It was a rainy day for new York. having to take a 40 minute subway trip every school day, I know that it means lots of people will be riding today. I get on the train, sure enough there are 50 people packed in like sardines. Every stop the train makes more people get on and nobody leaves. But I also get closer and closer to a seat. I get right up to the seats. And the good news is the next stop is 14 street, a very popular stop. And the lady sitting down was standing up. Eyes on the prize eyes on the prize I thought. I raced towards the seat and… an arm sticks in front of me. Noooooooooooo I though as I watch in horror as a lady sits in the seat. people rushing a rearranging around the train ends up squishing me between two people to the point that I can’t move. And of course I hear a voice screaming get out of the way. I tell the lady screaming that I cannot at that moment. But she doesn’t care so she pushes me into two other passengers. But perhaps the cherry on top was the shirt she was wearing, it said “NYC youth and community building”.

My week

This week I did not go to school on Tuesday because I went to a improv/sword fighting class. I also went to piano and the museum of mathematics on Tuesday. And on Wednesday I did math with Ryan, a mathematician came in and gave us puzzles. Also later that day I did math with my tutor. Monday was quite uneventful. On Thursday I got a flu shot, I was a bit scared but it was not the bad in the end. On Friday I made crem-brulee at cook-noon, it was really fun.

Thank you for your time. Bye, Douglas.


This week I went to Boston to do a VR and Ar hackathon. for those of you who do not know what a hackathon is, it is a event where you have one weekend to build something (usually with a theme). This hackathon me my father and @failspy created a invisible laser maze game using lighthouse tracking from the HTC Vive and the Google Tango. we built a custom hardware which works as a tracked object for the Vive. Then we had it create educated guesses about where your body is, so we could use that for lazer collision detection. We became friends with somone who was consulting for Google, and got a list of contact information which filled an entire notebook. Overall we had a lot of fun. and we became a finalist!

Thank you for your time. Bye, Douglas:)