Sushi Go game review

Sushi Go is a tabletop game themed around a sushi dinner. The goal of this game is to get the most points over 3 rounds, by eating the most delicious sushi meal. The game is very simple in rules, and the most complicated part to learn are the powers of the cards (which are explained to you on the cards). What makes this game unique is that instead of keeping your hand, you take one card and pass it to the next player. This creates a great extra layer of strategy where the players must decide wether to help themselves or take a card there opponent needs to get points. All the cards made to help this principle (for example, one type of card requires 3 of it to get points). Overall I think this a great game to play with not very hardcore gamers, there is also enough in it to keep more experienced players interested.

Thank you for your time, Bye, Douglas:)

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