Cypher System

Today I will review the role playing game, Cypher System. This is the first RPG I have reviewed on this channel. Normally I will explain the mechanics then say what I like, but for this one I will start at what I like about it. Cypher System is similar to other RPGs, but the major difference is that the players control the story swell as the dm. I really like that having an laser staff will not just give you a stat in this game, but it also gives you the ability a laser staff would have. I really enjoy world building so as a player I might be a bit partial to this game, but I think lots of people would enjoy making there own world. Interactions are made free flowing and seamless, without initiative or any other system like that to hinder the flow of the game. This is what I look for in an RPG and I would highly recommend this as a great RPG to play. You should probably not play it as your first RPG though.

That is my review of Cypher System, thank you for your time, bye, Douglas:)

Caverna review

Caverna is a game based upon the game Agricola. For context for this review, I haven’t played Agricola. Caverna is a worker placement game about getting the greatest cave and farmland. You must do this by placing your workers on a square to do this action. You start with two workers but can get up to five by building rooms for them and doing certain actions. Only one person can do an action per round, but you can imitate an action for a price of food. This creates a great way to block other players by taking what they need. You can go on a quest of varying levels, on quests you can get better loot by forging weapons. There is also the aspect of building farms to house animals which give you victory points, and you can use as food. At the end of a round you must feed your dwarves grow your plats and breed your animals.

I think that the main problem with Caverna is that it is pretty hard to learn. This makes it way easier for players who have played before to win. Another reason that experienced players have an advantage, is that special actions get revealed every round. Experienced players can know what they are before they are revealed. I also think that there is not enough player interaction. But overall Caverna is a very fun game, players must balance whever to work on farmland or their mine, they must balance  whever the want to block other players or work on their own land, and they must balance how many quests they should go on.

Thank you for your time, bye, Douglas:)