Carnivorous plants

I asked @abbyo for blog advice. She said that what was on her mind was carnivorous plants. So I will blog about that. first things first, you must know the difference between carnivorous plants and protocarnivorous plants. Carnivorous plants can trap and eat their prey, but protocarnivorous plants lack the ability to digest their prey.

Now we will discuss the five main ways of trapping:

•the pitfall trap traps prey by rolling it into a leaf with lots of slime in it

•a trap which is effectively fly paper using sticky fluid

•a trap know a snap trap which uses fast leaf movement to catch its prey

•bladder traps suck in prey with a vacuum

•lobster pots move prey towards a digestive organ with inward pointing hairs

thank you for your time, bye, Douglas




A few weeks ago I went to Montreal to do a talk about ALC. It was a lot of fun, we went to visit the ALC there. There were 3 different hosts. I stayed with @ryanshollenberger @timotree. Our host had a guinea pig called biggie smalls, and they had Super Smash Bros for N64. It was a lot of fun to finally get to play some more smash. In the talk, I explained what a week in a life of ALC is like, Ryan explained the philosophy, and Timo talked about the tools. We met Charlotte in Montreal, it was great to see here again, we played Mario Party. Overall Montreal was a great experience.

Thank you for your time, bye, Douglas <:)>+<