Bedwars review

I have been playing the minecraft mini-game called Bedwars a lot recently. The goal of the game is to kill all the other teams. But if they die they can respawn if their bed is not destroyed. But what makes the game fun is it’s economy. You are on sky island each with two villages and a forge. The forge generates iron and gold. They can be used to buy items from one of the villagers. you can use these to defend your bed. You can build to other sky islands in the middle to get diamonds and emeralds. Emeralds buys the best stuff, and diamonds buys team upgrades. These upgrades include getting enchantments and making you forge faster and generate emeralds.

I think this game has a great strategy potential with the resource management. And bridging in the right way is also strategically interesting. The game overtime makes diamonds and emeralds generate faster. Eventually all beds are auto-destroyed. At the end ender-dragons come and attack everyone. I think it is too easy for people to hide until bed destruction. Camping works way too well. But other then that the game is really fun. And if you have Minecraft you can play it for free on

Thanks for your time,  bye, Douglas:)


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