Shadow Of War review

Hello, today I am reviewing the game Shadow Of War. If you are a long time follower of this blog you might remember that I reviewed then game Shadow Of Mordor. I really enjoyed Shadow Of Mordor, but it did have one major problem. The game was too

Trading stuff

A while back I did a review on the game Shadow of Mordor. The sequel is released in 4 days! To prepare for launch I started a trading game. I based it on the guy who traded a paperclip for a house. My end goal is to get Shadow of War (the sequel to Shadow of Mordor). There one rule is that I cannot accept money as a trade. I just thought that allowing someone to give me money for a trade would be cheating.

It all started on a trip to the Bronx Botanical Gardens. Ash found a random possibly used lipstick on the ground, I asked if I could have it. Ash gave me the lipstick and I was ready to trade. @timotree had hoarded some moisture towels and traded one for the lipstick. He then attempted to trade away the lipstick, he ended up giving it away. I then traded the moisture towel for a futuristic pen™. I gave the futuristic pen™ away for a half a piece of gum. I traded the gum for a metro card with $1 ad 75 cents on it.  Then I had a problem because nobody on the trip wanted it. So when I got home I traded it with my mom for two clips shaped like owls. Then I got lucky, because the school needed more clips for toilet paper. So I got a viral game called “The Resistance Avalon”. And that brings you up to now. So, anyone wanna trade?