The Last Jedi trailers

Man I am hyped for The Last Jedi. I do have one concern though. The concern is that the trailers spoiled everything! I mean look at the scene where Kylo almost kills Leia. That is a huge spoiler! Your probably saying “oh but Douglas Kylo might not kill Leia”. And to that I say it doesn’t matter whether he does or not it’s still a fucking spoiler! Ok, sorry for that I’ve cooled down. But seriously if Kylo has a change of heart and decides not to do it that’s a major plot point too. They have spoiled all of the locations. They have ruined Phasma’s storyline by telling us that she survives and that she will have a showdown with Finn. Speking of Finn they ruined his story too. Remember that mystery villain we were all speculating about, yeah they revealed he’s just some shitty codebreaker on a casino planet! Ok maybe that sounds cool but leave a bit up to speculation. Luke and Rey’s training spoiled, the huge battle on Crayt spoiled, everything spoiled! The only things that haven’t been spoiled are the storyline with look wanting to end the Jedi (but just the fact that we know that storyline exists is a spoiler). The other is the Snoke storyline. They still spoiled that he is just some regular dude.

Look, I get that they need to market. But there putting marketing over a good movie. I guess that’s what the Disney overlords care about. but can they realize how important Star Wars is for some people? The teaser was a great trailer it showed you little information but enough to tease you. I fell like all movie studios have been starting to invest in the trailer more then the movie, I mean in the end that’s what will sell the movie. This whole thing makes me pissed really really pissed.

Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:}

Another uninspired blog post

This week I did Japanese we played a fun game where Yasushi says the Japanese word and we have to pick up a card with the english word. I had to get a blood draw yesterday it was not fun but I feel like I beat it now. I got a fun game called Magic Maze and got to play it at school.

Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)