my week (plus I make game reviews now)

As you read in the title, I make game reviews now! is the link. Don’t scroll past the reviews because there are some crappy stuff that little Dougster wrote. Trust me, the reviews there are much better quality then these blogs because I am passionate about them. Now onto the “very interesting” post about my week.

This week I did board game time, I brought in a game called Inis. It is a very fun game that you should expect a review of on my blog. Pathfinders season 2 also started up. I have some big plans for the storyline and I feel like this season will be a lot better then the last one because I prepared. But I am also trying to give players the choice to just go in a completely different direction. We did a trip to The Uncommons this week. I had a ton of fun there, we played this game called Captain Sonar (also expect a review of this one on my blog) it’s really fun!

Thanks for your time, bye Douglas:)

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