last week of school in 2018

This week I worked on my new game. Which is about ship combat, and uses dexterity mechanics (stay tuned for more intel). I played Root at board game time (expect a review on my blog: I went to Japanese today. I played a couple games of Werewolves. I played some Super Crate Box as well.

Thanks for your time. Bye Douglas:)

my week

This we we made yaki-tori at Japanese. I brought in a game called Tigris And Euphrates  (expect a review on my blog: I did some Khan Academy™ math. I ran some games of Werewolf Legacy™. I played a game called Kingdom Two Crowns. And I got hyped for Christmas™ so I can get Super Smash Bros™!


Thanks for your time. Bye, Douglas:)

My week

This week I did Japanese. I played Ultimate Werewolf Legacy. Expect a review when I finish playing on my other blog: I played fury of Dracula, also expect a review. I went rock climbing, but I forgot to charge my phone so I wasn’t able to communicate with the other people going to rock climbing. I ended up think they weren’t there and went back to school.

And that’s my week, thanks for your time. Bye, Douglas:)