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Another week

This week I did Japanese. On Tuesday I took the I.S.E.E. It was very bureaucratic. On Wednesday I brought in X-com the board game, it was very fun. We ended up losing on the easiest difficulty though. Me and Luca invented a plane hijack simulator today, one of us plays a mobile flight simulator. And the other person tries to hijack it. I went to a Gogol-Bordelo concert on Wednesday. And I stayed home Thursday because the concert was very late.

Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)


my week again

I did Japanese this week. We made temaki for the new year. I became first in the poker burrito cup.  I got a bit lucky in poker, but I think I did play pretty well. I worked some more on my game. My computer started working again. I did a lot of piano because my recital is coming up soon. I went to the Uncommons and played some very fun games.

Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)

Math competition

This week I returned from a math competition called Exeter. It’s in (wouldn’t you know it) Exeter Massachusetts. It was about a 5 hour drive. So I ended up riding in a car for 10 hours in the space of 24. The competition  itself was very fun. It was also very difficult. I only got a few questions right. But even the winning team got less then half the questions right. Here’s a fun one which I managed to figure out: player A and player B are playing a game. Each player has their own color. The game is played on a 9×9 grid. On player A’s turn they must make an uncolored 1×1 square their color. On player B’s turn they must color in an uncolored 2×2 square (if they can) of their color. If player b can’t make a move, the game ends and player a gets to fill in all the remaining squares. Assuming player A goes first, and both players are trying to maximize the amount of squares in their color. What is the maximum amount of squares that player A can color in?



I learned karate at Japanese. I started making a game. I played an RPG called Honey Heist. I played a game called Subnautica. I played cosmic encounter for board game time. And I am going to a math competition today.

Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)


My week

This week I did Japanese. We made mochi. I played Werwolf Legacy. I went to The Uncommons, and played a game called Secrets, a game called The Estates, a game called The Resistance, and a game called Ravine. I started working on making my own game this week. Stay tuned for more updates about it.

Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)

last week of school in 2018

This week I worked on my new game. Which is about ship combat, and uses dexterity mechanics (stay tuned for more intel). I played Root at board game time (expect a review on my blog: I went to Japanese today. I played a couple games of Werewolves. I played some Super Crate Box as well.

Thanks for your time. Bye Douglas:)

my week

This we we made yaki-tori at Japanese. I brought in a game called Tigris And Euphrates  (expect a review on my blog: I did some Khan Academy™ math. I ran some games of Werewolf Legacy™. I played a game called Kingdom Two Crowns. And I got hyped for Christmas™ so I can get Super Smash Bros™!


Thanks for your time. Bye, Douglas:)

My week

This week I did Japanese. I played Ultimate Werewolf Legacy. Expect a review when I finish playing on my other blog: I played fury of Dracula, also expect a review. I went rock climbing, but I forgot to charge my phone so I wasn’t able to communicate with the other people going to rock climbing. I ended up think they weren’t there and went back to school.

And that’s my week, thanks for your time. Bye, Douglas:)

Oh my goodness you won’t believe what just happened this week…

Some stuff. ok, you might have believed that. This week I worked on some game ideas. Dancegiving happened, which is where Tasha tests out her thanks giving recipes on us. They were delicious! Yasushi came in for Japanese, it was a ton of fun. I played harvest dice at board game time. Expect a review on my blog: I played some poker, and @ryanshollenberger said I made some good plays! I am so happy. It snowed yesterday, it kinda sucked because I had to commute in the snow to Momath, and then to home from Momath. But once I made it home I had a nice hot chocolate and had a relaxing evening. I feel like a year ago I would have been really excited about the snow, but it feels more like an inconvenience now. Maybe i’m just too cynical.

I have been watching a TV show called Deutschland 86 with Geva. It’s a sequel to the show Deutschland 83. I highly recommend both. They are in German (which I don’t speak), but there are subtitles you can turn on.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading, bye, Douglas:)

Do you want to play Twilight Imperium? And my week.

DO you want to play Twilight Imperium? Here’s it’s BGG link It may or may not take 8 hours. but it’s a really fun game of negotiation, trade, and war in space! If you live in the NYC area and Twilight Imperium sounds interesting to you, please comment that you are interested.

I guess you want to know about my week if you clicked on this post, so I suppose i’ll tell you. I have been working on some game design things that I will talk more about in the coming weeks. I did Japanese today, it was very fun. We played a calligraphy game, and I won a couple rounds. I played some poker today, and made a great comeback in the final round. I slept over at @timotree’s house on Wednesday. Then the next day I went to the Franklin institute in Philly. It was a ton of fun, I went in a giant heart!

Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)