A sanitary emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a code red! A code red! Someone didn’t wash their hands! And a dog pissed on the carpet! Wee waaa weeee waaaaa! It is not safe to go in school before any further notice!

Ok, I may have exaggerated just a bit. People were making a huge deal out of small sanitary things. It did give me some amusement though. I was sick on Wednesday, and Thursday. I tried to make some money on those days. I had some adventures with the site Fiverr. Involving a fake psychic gig (don’t worry, I took it down), and a gig  involving some karaoke. I didn’t get any clients:(. Then I did some photoshop work for my mom. Then I invested that money in making a lemonade stand. I made a profit but not as much as I usually do. Probably because it rained. I did Japanese today. We learned EXTREME jan ken po (rock paper scissors). There were a lot of fun variations that we tried. I think I am getting a lot better at Japanese then when I started.

That’s it for me this week. Thanks for your time. Bye, Douglas:)


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