Week Bloggers issue 420: the sickness strikes back!

This week I was sick for a bit after school one day. I couldn’t think of a better title so I based it on that event. Anywaaaaaaaaaays… on with the blog. This week we did a Japanese game in Japanese class. There was a beach trip which stole some Pathfinder members from me. So Javair ended up running an alternate universe Victorian detective MM campaign. I was a man named Herlock Sholmes (trademark Douglas Patz). I did history and it was fun. Eurovision happened and I watched it with Seb. Moldova for the win!

And that was pretty much my week. Bye, Douglas:)

Tune in next time for the adventures of our heroes dealing with the after affects of the evil genius disease. The fiendish Slight Cough tm.












You found an easter egg.

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