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Look look. I know I promised a full review of The Last Jedi. But you have no proof I didn’t do a review. So you can’t sue me. But I will give you a short version. My number one problem was that the tone was different but the plot was the same as Empire Strikes Back. There, happy?

Ok, now the Solo review. What do I think? Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum I liked it a lot! I will make this first part spoiler free and then you can scroll down for my spoiler impressions. I was originally skeptical about the actor choice for Han solo, but his line delivery was pretty good. He still doesn’t look like Harrison Ford though. Beckett played a good mentor role but he didn’t teach him too much which I though was a nice touch. Qi-ra was the love interest of Han I thought she was a pretty good character but she lacked a lot of the witty lines of the others. I thought Lando was a great character, he was funny, likeable, and still open to betrayal. But I think he did not get enough screen time. L3 was the droid companion for this adventure, and they are a big fan of droid rights. I will talk more about that in the spoiler review, but it definitely changed the way I related to droids in Star Wars. The main gangster leader was a good villain/helper, but I never felt that threatened by him (though that’s not necessarily a bad thing). There were a lot more remote planets being explored rather then densely populated ones. The empire didn’t play a huge role in the movie, but Han being part of the empire was an interesting thing to see. Alright, I don’t think I can talk about the movie much more without spoiling it. Scroll down if you would like to see my spoiler thoughts. If not, then I will tell you that my rating for it is about a 7. It had some cheesy dialogue and some jokes that didn’t land and a slow third act, but the overall characters and action set pieces were pretty good.












Spoilery part starts now. I think that L3’s rebellion causing nature was something we really haven’t seen I a droid before. But let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Darth Maul. When I saw his appearance I was halted shocked and half going like “really?”. I personally thought the mysterious big bad would have been Snoke. Since we already know that Maul dies in rebels it doesn’t really feel lee a threat. Qi-ra is really the only threat left related to the Crimson Dawn. I thought the speeder bike gang was kinda tacked on. They only had a few appearances as a minor antagonist. And when they turned out to be the goody guys it didn’t really feel that big since they weren’t built up to be some big baddies beforehand. I thought throwing in the Kessel run was a double edged sword. I think it was kinda nice to be a mystery but it did allow some cool space scenes. I feel like that could be a good metaphor for the whole movie, it could have been good leaving Solo’s story a mystery but it allowed for some cool stories.

That’s it for me. Bye, Douglas.


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