Do you want to play Twilight Imperium? And my week.

DO you want to play Twilight Imperium? Here’s it’s BGG link It may or may not take 8 hours. but it’s a really fun game of negotiation, trade, and war in space! If you live in the NYC area and Twilight Imperium sounds interesting to you, please comment that you are interested.

I guess you want to know about my week if you clicked on this post, so I suppose i’ll tell you. I have been working on some game design things that I will talk more about in the coming weeks. I did Japanese today, it was very fun. We played a calligraphy game, and I won a couple rounds. I played some poker today, and made a great comeback in the final round. I slept over at @timotree’s house on Wednesday. Then the next day I went to the Franklin institute in Philly. It was a ton of fun, I went in a giant heart!

Thanks for your time, bye, Douglas:)



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