Oh my goodness you won’t believe what just happened this week…

Some stuff. ok, you might have believed that. This week I worked on some game ideas. Dancegiving happened, which is where Tasha tests out her thanks giving recipes on us. They were delicious! Yasushi came in for Japanese, it was a ton of fun. I played harvest dice at board game time. Expect a review on my blog: http://www.douglasuniverse.com. I played some poker, and @ryanshollenberger said I made some good plays! I am so happy. It snowed yesterday, it kinda sucked because I had to commute in the snow to Momath, and then to home from Momath. But once I made it home I had a nice hot chocolate and had a relaxing evening. I feel like a year ago I would have been really excited about the snow, but it feels more like an inconvenience now. Maybe i’m just too cynical.

I have been watching a TV show called Deutschland 86 with Geva. It’s a sequel to the show Deutschland 83. I highly recommend both. They are in German (which I don’t speak), but there are subtitles you can turn on.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading, bye, Douglas:)

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